Jacob V Joyce

Jacob’s work aims to engage with audiences that can often feel excluded or underrepresented by art institutions in the UK. Sculpture, performance, curation and creative workshops are all vehicles I use to create spaces where communities can intersect and inspire each other.

Jacob draw strength and inspiration from African theology, environmental activism and black history, working along side LGBTQ groups, youth centres, community choirs and homeless shelters.

They/ them pronouns.


Rudy Loewe

Rudy Loewe is a visual artist, facilitator and storyteller who works primarily in comic and zine format. They explore themes such as gender, sexuality, race, trauma and mental health.

Rudy is interested in how certain narratives and histories can be made more accessible. They often work with library and archive collections to create their work.

They/ them pronouns.

Rudy is currently available for work including custom illustrations, murals, and teaching sessions.
If you would like to talk to them about work


As queer artists of colour from working class backgrounds we are used to being misrepresented in mainstream media. Through Survival Guides and our individual art practices we are supplying tools for some level of agency in a system that often gives none. Survival Guides is an autonomous platform. We are not interested in working with people who only have academic experience of the issues addressed in Survival Guides. We want to put marginalised voices at the forefront of a dialogue that needs to be had. So we can strategise collectively on how to navigate struggles that affect us all. Survival Guides doesn’t offer a complete solution as we believe we need to strategies with communities in order to address specific problems; rather than come with a ready made formula for how we can overcome systemic oppression.