Last year we collaborated with over 50 artists and activists to bring you a two-week festival of events. We celebrated struggles of housing, black history, LGBT history, sex work and asylum: we bought marginalised narratives to the centre of 11 events. But now, at the end of 2015, we want to do something even better.

Survival Guides main agenda has always been to create platforms for grassroots organisations and creative individuals to work together for positive social change. We prioritise artists that confront inequality or use their practice to navigate oppressions. We believe that art has the ability to change society, to create space for critical discussions, to heal the mind and restore spiritual energy.

In this age of online activism and radical social networking we want to marry the traditions of D.I.Y Zine Punk culture with the glittery meme clap back culture of cyber resistance. Our plan is to create events jammed full of creative’s, community activists, and critical thinkers, harness all of their wisdom in the form of accessible, visually engaging SURVIVAL GUIDES: literal guides on how to survive that will be available to read online or order in physical zine format.

The first Survival Guide event and zine will be ‘Survival Guides 0, Surviving the Housing Crisis.’ It will feature artwork, discussions and practical advise on how to live in London. Working along side HASL (housing activists for Southwark and Lambeth) members of the Radical Housing Network and a long list of other housing activists you can be sure the event and accompanying first issue will be full of valuable tools.

For us inclusivity means intersectionality and although some of the venues we previously worked with are not wheelchair accessible we have decided that in future we will only operate in spaces that can be accessed by all.

As LGBTQIA people, people of colour, disabled people, migrants, working class people, survivors and as young people reliant on youth services we are having support networks destroyed left right and centre. Many of us are finding new ways to survive every day whether it be creating coping mechanisms to endure micro-aggressions, nourishing critical discourses, decolonising, gender fucking, queering, or just staying alive and practicing self care. This is what we plan to archive in a series of physical and online survival guides created by an ever growing team of artists and activists with first hand experience.

We have found a venue for the first Survival Guides and are currently in the process of raising funds to get this off the ground.