Out and Proud Diamond Group


The Out and Proud Diamond group are a support network of LGBT asylum seekers and activists mainly from Uganda who embrace and celebrate many LGBT people who have fled to London to escape homophobic oppression, prosecution, and sometimes torture. The group raises funds and awareness though activism, discussion groups and events.

“Our mission is to achieve equality and justice for LGBTI persons in African countries and other countries were homosexuality is not accepted. To campaign and expose the injustices the LGBT community experience in those countries. To integrate LGBTI persons who have fled persecution. Fighting for global equality, and justice for LGBTI persons through campaigns, peaceful protests/demonstrations, lobbying and seminars. OPDG offer support to those facing persecution, and integration of those who have fled persecution because of their gender, sexuality or viewed as a promoters of homosexuality.”



Survival Guides invited  OGDP to take part in a night called Queer African Voices in Brixton. Inspired by a previous night of the same title at Bar Wotever. Together we curated a river of narratives, music and dance that highlighted the issues faced by those seeking asylum from homophobic countires. The message of the OPDG was punctuated by spoken word  sets from LGBTQ poets –


Dean Atta


Sirena Reynolds


PJ Samuels


Out and Proud Diamond Group memeber Trishla acompanied by OPDG backing dancers ignighted the space with a firey song and dance number that had the audiance jump from their seats to move with her melodies.


The night was compared and seamlessly held together by the singer and comedian Miss Cairo


There was also an immersive theatre performance about immigration from Africa to Italy by local artists Tuuli Mallia, Itaca Antonica and Members of the London Queer Social Centre.


seaRichard Roy of the Out and Proud Diamond Group eneded the night with a Ugandan song of love and a message of thanks. Funds were raised and a good time was had by all.



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