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One day DIY Film workshops which everyone can get involved in. Our movies are shot, cut, scored and built together, relying on creativity instead of money.

The film industry is a beast whose belly is impenetrable to the average film lover. Without money, studio backing and a whole lot of luck, the chance of getting your ideas on screen has always been remote. Carnival of Cult is your chance to do just that.

Influenced by everything from the George A. Romero’s socio-politi-zombies to the exploitation explosion in the 70s to Sam Raimi and the rise of the Video Nasty; we want to take filmmaking into our own hands.We believe cult cinema should be a medium accessible to all, a medium in which politics sit comfortably next to mutant rat monsters. We also want to capture the sense of fun that underpins the genre, creating an environment in which no idea is too silly or too shocking.

With a DIY approach in mind, we’ll be using what’s at hand – the Survival Guides space, the people around us, the neighbourhood tat, costumes, equipment and props found at home while relying on creativity and adaptability to tackle the problems that lack of money might present.

The sheer amount of hands, heads and hearts needed to make the medium work, means that Collaboration is key.

We come up with a story TOGETHER, make costumes TOGETHER, design sets TOGETHER, and finding inventive ways of chopping off limbs TOGETHER.

If you’re an artist, a writer, a musician, a technician, someone with a really cool homemade alien outfit, come and play!