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WE LOVE BRIXTON is a not-for-profit social enterprise, and at its foundation, its purpose is to build a sustainable community brand.

WE LOVE BRIXTON intends to create; events, workshops and a legacy that delivers projects in ways that are accessible and will reach and engage as many groups as possible within our community.

We build partnerships and collaborations between the arts, business and enterprise.

We create projects that encourage personal development, engagement and increase the cultural opportunities for the individual, social groups, young and old, small business owners and large corporations living within the Brixton locality and surrounding areas.

Our focus is to create projects that add in raising the self-esteem of a whole community through the investment of people, enterprise and public space for the purpose of creating authentic vehicles for businesses to add sustained value to the community.

When it all started…

WE LOVE BRIXTON was formed by local residents and business owners with the intention of expressing itself as a statement, one that would begin a consultative conversation; to build on how WELOVE…. as a direct response to the August 2010 disturbances.

We felt that it was important to emphasise that within our community we have a wealth of talent, creativity and perspectives that can make an intelligent contribution to change and growth. Our aim was to engage all sectors of the community in uniting behind positive change. On Saturday 24th Sept 2011 in Windrush Square as part of International peace week the first WE LOVE BRIXTON event was born….

Want to be a part of WE LOVE BRIXTON?

If you love Brixton and would like to get involved with our enterprise, please visit our website www.welovebrixton.com and get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.