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On the 21st of April 2012 in the central space of Tooting Market, The Brick Box funded and facilitated Silkworm’s Craft and Workshop Fair, a project that bought together core members of the Survival Gudes team. The event was curated by Jacob V Joyce, posters by Monique Jackson and Work shops from Tuuli Mallia and Alice Moon. Over 20 young crafts people, workshop leaders and performers were invited to the space to gain marketing experience, share skills and display their work.

silky wilikins

The Brick Box who had started a project called Hatch, funded by the mayor of london, to support young entrepreneurs under 25. We wanted to provide a platform for creative expression and become and gain experience in community events curator. The Buget was used for workshop materials, promo and two make two huge canvases for two painter to work on both as a performance and as a permenant installation in the Market.


Silkworms Craft and Workshop Fair bough the Survival Guides team together and has informed the layout for many events since.


The Brick Box are an organisation who produce arts events in public spaces that have been disused or neglected. They are regeneration mavericks and they help artists, organisations, communities and individuals to find their feet. The Brick Box has successfully breathed a creative buzz into Tooting Indoor Market, an abandoned pub, a lay by The River Wandle and the Flyover at Canning town for the Canning Town Light festival. They started in Brixton Market and are known to many creatives in the area. 

Survival Guides would not have started without the love and support from this fantastic social enterprise.


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