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Performance trio interrogating the female body. Lyric Theatre Emerging Artist residents, currently collaborating on SPACED2014 with Theatre Delicatessen

Plunge Theatre are Izabella Malewska, Tutku Barbaros and Lilly Pollard: three female performers, who’ve worked together as artists for over 5 years. .

When we graduated we were forced to take on jobs as a nanny, a junior hair dresser and a secretary in order to fund our theatrical exploits – which included taking a 4* devised show to the Edinburgh Fringe 2012. Our day jobs were so extremely ‘female’ in their nature that the issue of modern femininity became unavoidable for us: our next project was obvious. It was time to think more critically about the way we treat our three very different bodies, asking how this relates to media practice and perception and somehow coupling that with the hilarious ridiculous things we know about each other.

Unafraid of making an exhibition of ourselves, you can expect to find us standing in our M&S pants (and socks!), eating vast amounts of chocolate cake while revealing bold personal truths.

Are you ready for this jelly? Pleased to meet you.

Phone 07514062791

Email plungetheatre@gmail.com

Website http://plungetheatre.tumblr.com/